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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Abbreviations and Acronym "A"

A&G - Administrative and General Expenses
A/D - Assitant Driller
AADE- American Association of Drilling engineers
AAPG - American Association of Petroleum Geologists
AAPL - American Association of Petroleum Landmen
AAQS - Ambient Air Quality Standards
AAR - Automotive Accident Rate in Miles
ABF - Aquatic Base Flow
ABS - American Bureau of Shipping
AC – Alternating Current
ACF - Annular Capacity Factor
ACHARR - Advisory Committee on Hydrocarbons Additional Recovery Research
ACHP - Advisory Council on Historic Preservation
Ack - Acknowledge
ACOP - Approved code of practice
ACT - automatic custody transfer
AD - Auto Driller
ADIT - Accumulated Deferred Income Taxes
ADS - Altomatic Drilling System, NOV Drawworks
AF - Arctic Floater
AFE - Approval for expenditure
AFE - Approved Fixed Expense.
AFFF - Aqueous film Forming foam
Aframax tanker - tanker < 80,000 dwt (average freight rate assessment
AFT — After
Aft - toward the stern of a ship or mobile offshore drilling rig.
AHC - Active Heave Compensator
AI - artificial island
AIS - Automatic identification system
ALARP - As low as reasonably possible (reduction of hazard status)
AMNI - Associate Member of the Nautical Institute
Amp - Ampere
AMVER - US Automated Mutual-Assistance Vessel Rescue
AOF - Absolute Open Flow
AOSC - Association of Oilfiels Servicing Contractors
AP- Annular pressure
APCD - Air Pollution Control District
APD - Application for Permit to Drill
API - American Petroleum Institute
API Certified - tool that complies w/ API's standards
API Gravity - density of liquid petroleum products
APL-Annular Pressure Losses
APP - As Per Program
APR - Annular Pressure Response
ASBA - Association of Ship Brokers and Agents
ASRO - Australian Shipping Registration Office
ASV - Annular Safety Valve
ATFN - Any Time From Now.
AV - Annular Velocity
AV - apparent viscosity
AWD - Analysis While Drilling (part of the On Track system), Sense EDM terminology
AWO - Approval for Well Operation

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